Keepsakes for a Good Cause

My lifelong obsession with paper, stickers, stamps, and glitter along with several recent life changing events led me here. I make paper goods and donate 20% of sales from this shop towards the fight against cancer... keepsakes for a good cause!

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My inspiration includes everything from snow globes to kaleidoscopes. The idea is that each item I make is a special keepsake and a beautiful record. Using thick, substantial and mostly archival materials, I make cards, travel envelope notebooks, and hand-drawn art for you and your recipient to enjoy for a long time to come. I also design scrapbooking supplies to help you record your everyday life events.

It's as simple as this:

  • Your special message + my unique cards = truly treasured special keepsake
  • Your adventure or journey + my travel envelope notebooks = fun and functionality to recording your trip
  • Your home or desk + my prints or original drawings = the perfect personalized decor solution
  • Your journaling + my scrapbooking supplies = your own unique expression.

The best part is I donate to a good cause. Fighting cancer is near and dear to my heart because my family and friends have been impacted by this devastating disease and this is my way of helping.

A donation is made to the American Cancer Society and a donation is made to Memorial Sloan-Kettering, each receiving 10% of annual sales (excluding shipping costs and custom fees), totaling 20% of annual sales to support the fight against cancer. See all details on the Policy page of my Etsy shop, Pearl's Pen Pals.