Minimizing Practically: The Wardrobe

As posted in January, I am learning to live minimally, in a way that works for my family. I am beginning with reorganizing, reducing, reusing, and recycling anything unnecessary. I want to do more with less and really only keep things I need and love, starting with one of my biggest problems, the wardrobe. Going from years of everyday traditional business setting to a business casual setting and now a casual setting, along with the changing pregnancy body last year, I accumulated too much clutter in my closet.

As part of my reduction process, I researched paring down to a minimalist closet. I came across so many great blogs that have been through this journey before. Here are a few guides that have inspired me to take action:

Be More with Less’ Project 333
Becoming Minimalist’s Practical Guide to Owning Fewer Clothes
Unfancy’s Capsule Wardrobe
House for Five’s

And this little gem I came across on Pinterest on how to organize your closet.

I purged more than half of my closet; selling some, donating a ton, and recycling a lot more. It felt great! I haven’t quite reached the 33, 37, or 30 piece closet but I’m experimenting and will continue to prune.

My goal is to get to 50 pieces total for an all year round wardrobe with all weather essentials, including shoes and outerwear, excluding home and gym clothes. Let’s see how that goes!